Aiva Storostnieka (asto)
Artist Statement

I believe that my art is an extension of myself. All that I see, think and feel finds its way in my creative process. And, as with everyone else, there are countless things I observe, contemplate and respond to. This is then what my work is about – the unity of multitude, or in other words, reality.

Ever-changing, ever-evolving, the reality is constructed by mind in a chaotic Universe.

Being a keen observer with passion for knowledge and a curious mind, I am naturally drawn towards philosophy, which, simply put, is a desire to understand the life and my presence in it.

It is not a simple task to comprehend or present the reality in its entirety- its many variations, gradations and dimensions. It can only be viewed in fragments by focusing one’s conscious attention. Therefore, my process of making consists of working with visual metaphors relating to aspects of reality through the principle of collage, both in two and three dimensions. Conceptually, at the present moment, I work with a deceptively simple three-fold system, a unity of a lived experience, where the physical texture represents what is, the structure represents mind, and the use of string- the chaotic, non-linear nature of the Universe.

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